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Experienced. Helpful. Balanced


   At Connected Companion our main goal is to grow the connection between you, the owner, and your canine companion.  We are not a check the box type of training company.  We are here to listen to your goals and design a package with you and your pet in mind to ensure success. Obedience is always the first step.  From there, the opportunities for you and your dog are endless.


   Connected Companion has many years of experience in supporting dog owners to make the needed changes in their dog's habits. We provide long lasting results through expert training. Our high success rate and client satisfaction is our greatest source of pride. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

Meet the Team

Ashlyn is our head trainer and the brains behind what we do. She has several years of training experience under her belt and has worked with numerous dogs. From basic puppy training to behavioral modification, Ashlyn is willing to work with a variety of pups. She has a pack of her own that helps assist her in training when needed. Changing the lives of dogs and building strong relationships with owners is where she strives!

Amanda began her training journey as an assistant. She grew over the years and her passion for the dogs shines through. She was promoted to a full time trainer and has taken off. Amanda isn't afraid to jump in and take control. She believes with the right leadership and proper coaching any dog can strive in the world around them. She loves tackling more challenging dogs, but is still able to slow down the pace with a small pup. She understands the needs of not only the dog, but the owner, too!

Kayla is our office administrator. She keeps us, the trainers, organized. She focuses her time on making sure the trainers have everything they need to run a productive day. No matter what the task, if you call Kayla she's on it and that's what we love about her most. Even though she's not the face you'll see in videos or at meet ups, just know she's behind the screen making our lives as trainers run smoother. If there's ever a training question she can answer it! She has loads of knowledge on what we do and will often accompany us on training field trips just to learn more! 

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